Tak, Ki-hyun & Yang, Byung-hyun. 1998. On the Syntactic Structure of Resultative Constructions. The Journal of English Grammar, 2.1, 89­105. In this paper we investigate resultative constructions in order to establish the syntactic structure of the sentences involving resultative verbs. Following Chomsky's Minimalist Theory we claim that resultative verbs, transitive or intransitive, have the same checking domain and internal domain, i.e., [CD=1, ID=2], and they have the same construction. We also suggest that transitive resultatives and intransitive resultatives show the same causative meaning, predication, and thematic relation in common and these are predicted structurely. The only difference in the postverbal NPs between them is assumed to be attributed not to the structural one but to the morphological feature of resultative verbs. (Sangji University)