Jang, Youngjun. 1998. Asymmetric Theta-Role Assignment and Its Implications. The Journal of English Grammar, 2.1, 67­88. This paper examines the mechanism of theta-role and Case assignment in the Minimalist Program developed in Chomsky (1995) and Chomsky & Lasnik (1993) and proposes an alternative idea on the basis of Larsonian VP-shell. Specifically it will be proposed that theta-role is assigned leftward to the Spec of V and Case rightward to the Spec of complement, departing from what Chomsky (1993) and others argue. Some of the consequences of this proposal are: that the basic word-order at D-Structure (or the lexical category structure in Chomsky's (1995) system) should be SOV universally, contra Kayne's (1994) universal SVO word order, and that no construction-specific rules such as middle formation and passive movement are needed. This SOV analysis converges with the historical fact that Old English was an SOV language. (Chungang University)