Shin, Kil-soon. 1998. On PP-adverbs. The Journal of English Grammar, 2.1, 29-43. Adverbs have been allowed to be generated as daughters of S, VP, V, AP, or AdvP in traditional or generative grammars of English. This paper examines cases of adverbs that appear as the first constituent of a PP, and justifies their status as the daughter of that PP, or PP-adverbs modifying the PP. Therefore adverbs can be generated as daughters of PP. This paper provides four ways to prove PP-adverbs: 1) Adverb in PP in the form of [adv+PP] is dominated by PP and [adv+PP] is considered as a single unit. 2) The position of PP-adv is always fixed before PP, even though positions of other adverbs are variant. 3) When fronting PP in the form of [adv+PP], that adverb is to move with its PP. 4) Adverb in the form of [adv+PP] may constitute a single tone group with the PP. In those cases adverbs are only a part of PP, as they are parts of S, VP, AP, NP or AdvP respectively, when they are posited in S, VP, AP, NP, AdvP. Those adverbs we may call PP-advs. (Kyungwon University)