Kim, Sunghye. 1998. Avoidance Strategies in Learning English Gerunds. The Journal of English Grammar, 2.1, 7­28. This study is designed to investigate the avoidance of English structures by Korean EFL(English as a Foreign Language) learners. This study analyzes English structures which have corresponding grammatical structures in Korean and L2 difficulty. The examples chosen are infinitives and gerunds, among them infinitives are more marked than gerunds according to the evidence that children learn gerunds first and gerunds parallel Korean '-um' and '-ki' structures. So it is expected that Korean EFL learners avoid English infinitive structures. To examine the assumption, three tests (multiple- choice test, translation test, and structure change test) were administered to three different groups: Korean university students, Korean university students attending an American university and native speakers of English. In this study, however, it is found that Korean EFL learners avoid gerunds. This study shows the cause of avoidance in learning English gerunds is the influence of formal instruction which focuses on the difference between infinitives and gerunds and teaches infinitives first. This is supported by the fact that native speakers of English and Korean university students in America do not show any preferences. (Korea University)