Hong, Soon-Seo. 1997. A Study of the Expletive There Constructions. The Journal of English Grammar. This paper examines the Principle of Procrastinate and strong EPP features of T in the there constructions. The expletive there has salient properties as follows. First, number agreement is with the associate NP rather than with expletive there. Second, such sentences as there is a man in the room and A man is in the room are not synonymous: the former allows only a nonspecific reading for a man, whereas the latter allows both specific and nonspecific referential readings. The above data show that expletive there has a direct correlation with number agreement and semantic interpretation of associate DP. This paper draws a review of the proposals by Chomsky(1988.1993) and by Lasnik(1995) and offers an alternative suggestion to their proposals in the Minimalist Program. (Soonchunhyang University)