Lee, Kyoung-nam. 1997. Some Issues Relevant to the Assessment of Learners' Grammatical Competence. This paper attempts to raise a question about the tendency to disregard the role of grammar in teaching English in Korea by assessing some learners' grammatical competence and analysing its result. This case study deals with the problems relevant to the difference in grammatical competence among four English-learner groups with different backgrounds. It shows that Korean learners, generally, are weak in their grammatical judgements about the values of 'tense', 'article', 'word order', etc. Besides, The differences of their grammatical competence has some statistical significance. It means that, in our school system, we need to provide a greater variety of teaching materials for students according to their level of scholastic ability. Furthermore, in teaching and learning English as a foreign language, we should not neglect the importance of grammar for the improvement of the learners' communicative competence. The reason is that grammar plays an essential role in acquiring a foreign language, and that it is an important means of effective and economical communication. (Kangwon National University).