Shin, Kil-soon, 1997. On NP-adverbs. Adverbs have been allowed to be generated as daughters of S, VP, V, AP, or AdvP in traditional or generative grammars of English. This paper examines cases of adverbs that appear as the first constituent of an NP, and justifies their status as the daughter of that NP, or NP-adverbs modifying the NP. So adverbs also can be generated as daughters of NP. This paper provides three ways to prove NP-adverbs: 1) adverbs in NP in the form of [adverb+NP] make up single units. 2) after Subject-Auxiliary Inversion, nothing intervenes between the AUX. and the subject, but [adverb+NP] does. 3) [adverb+NP] may occur between the verb and a direct object, even not a heavy object. In those cases adverbs are only a part of NP, as they are parts of S, VP, AP, or AdvP respectively, when they are posited in S, VP, AP, AdvP.(Kyungwon University)