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ENGLISH LANGUAGE AND LINGUISTICS (ISSN: 1598-9783) is the Society's biannually, peer-reviewed publication. In addition to regular scientific articles, research reports, and occasional discussions, it also contains a bulletin section with book notices, the ELSOK constitution, and editorial announcements. It is available to libraries and institutions, and it reaches all of ELSOK's individual paying members directly. Roughly 500 copies of each issue are distributed.

How to order
ENGLISH LANGUAGE AND LINGUISTICS is published by Hankook Munhwasa Publishing Company (502 Do and Can House, 656-1683, Sungsoo 2-dong, 1-ka, Sungdong-ku, Seoul, 133-823, Korea), and can be ordered online. Please visit the online catalogue at

Contents of the Publications (a complete overview of papers published so far)

Style sheet (information on how to submit papers for publication)

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2) Individuals (a subscription is automatically included as one of the main membership benefits.)