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Lee, Yong-Jae. 2003. Present-day Evaluation of Sounds and Spellings by Otto Jespersen (1909). English Language and Linguistics 15, 149-165. This study reviews Sounds and Spellings which was published in 1909 as part one of A Modern English Grammar (part one to seven) by Otto Jespersen. An important characteristic of the present-day orthography in English may be stated as the discrepancy between sounds and spellings. The purpose of this volume is to examine this discrepancy in detail by tracing the changes which the English sounds have undergone in the course of time, and by showing at the same time which of these changes have led to changes in the English spelling, and which not, and on the other hand which orthographic changes have been introduced independently of phonetic changes. Section 1 is a brief introduction to the volume. Section 2 discusses the status of the volume in the history of linguistics. Section 3 reevaluates the volume in terms of present-day phonetics