Park, Haesoon. 2018. Infusing critical thinking into English education. English
Language and Linguistics 24.3, 189-211. This study aims at suggesting the need for
infusing critical thinking into English education with educational examples and
further inviting critical feedback from readers. It has long been since English gained
such a title as ‘a global lingua franca’ and its command became one of the
prerequisites in Korean society. However, its command is no longer regarded as
sufficient condition for social and educational success. Considering the times when
its proficiency enabled Koreans to gain better opportunities for university
admission and in the job markets, there seems to be a great paradigm change
in Koreans’ perception towards English and its status. That is, English study for
understanding western modernization has become less convincing and its study
for a better job does not seem to satisfy the aims of University liberal arts education.
It is within this context, the writer argues that such paradigm shift should be
reflected into English education at university and infusing the teaching of critical
thinking into English as a liberal art education needs focusing. This is because
such confluence may not only enhance learners’ meaning negotiation skills, and
intercultural interaction and communication skills but also allow them to overcome
ideological aspects of English and become a creative thinker.

Keywords: liberal arts education, Korean English education, critical thinking, University English education