Kim, Hyun-Jin, 2018. Testing L1 Transfer of Morphology in the Acquisition of
English Causative Alternations. English Language and Linguistics 24.3, 103-119. This
study explores whether argument structure is acquired on a verb-by-verb basis,
or whether it can be set across verb classes. The study focuses on the acquisition
of verbs that participate in the causative/inchoative alternation in English by
Korean-speaking learners of English. Since Korean language morphologically
marks the causative/inchoative alternation on the verb while English does not,
the question is whether and to what extent L1 morphology plays a role in the
acquisition of the semantic and syntactic constraints on the alternation in English.
Results from a picture-based grammaticality judgment task showed some evidence
for L1 transfer of morphology in lower-proficiency learners. In general,
intermediate and advanced learners did not easily accept inchoatives, regardless
of directionality of derivation in L1. The study suggests complex interaction
between language universals and the L1 influence of derivational morphology in
the acquisition of L2 lexicon and its mapping onto the syntax.

Keywords: causative alternation, transitivity, argument structure, L1 transfer, SLA