Shin, Jeonghwa. 2018. The Production Effect on L2 English Lexical Access and
Retrieval. English Language and Linguistics 24.3, 85-102. The present study examines
the production effect on explicit memory of second language (L2) words. Three
groups of Korean-speaking learners of English read one of the three lists of 24
words - two pure lists (with either silent or aloud reading) and a mixed list (with
both silent and aloud reading). A free recall demonstrated the production effect,
with greater recall of the words that were read aloud than the words that were
read silently. However, the production benefit was found in tandem with the
memory loss for silent items, especially when the items were tested in a mixed
design. A subsequent recognition experiment also revealed the similar results in
accuracy and response times. L2 learners were better and more accurate at
recognizing the words that they encoded with active articulation act rather than
the words that they read passively. The results suggest that the production benefit
is enduring and generalized to the retention of linguistic information in an L2.

Keywords: Production effect, L2 free recall, word recognition