Shin, Sung Kyun. 2018. Advantages of the Application of English History to
English Education. English Language and Linguistics 24.3, 69-84. The history of
English can be a basis for English education. This paper explains various
phenomena of present-day English from the three perspectives of the history of
the English language phonologically, morphologically, and syntactically. The
following are discussed and explained: the leveling of the unstressed vowels in
Middle English, Great Vowel Shift in Early Modern English, the null-subject
parameter (the so-called impersonal verb), the change of word order, the difference
between get and be passive, and the colloquial preterit. Through these explanations,
the advantages of the knowledge of the history of English are pointed out. Firstly,
English students can get benefits from its knowledge, for various phenomena of
present-day English, especially many irregularities of Modern English can be
explained to them, not just described and taught. Secondly, English teachers can
get benefits from the knowledge of the history of English, for it provides them
with the basis to teach English to their students by explaining, not just by
describing. This also gives them confidence that they have a successful tool while
teaching English. Therefore, the knowledge of the history of English is an advantage
for both English learners and teachers.

Keywords: the history of English, English education, English learners, English