Moon, An-Nah. 2018. Teaching the History of the English Language: A Model
for Graduate Students of Education. English Language and Linguistics 24.3, 47-67.
How to teach the History of the English language (HEL) has been rarely focused
on in Korea, which can be compared to the situation aborad. The goal of this
study is to present a model of teaching HEL for graduate students of English
education and feedback from the students who took the HEL course based on
the model. Ultimately, this study attempts to encourage HEL instructors to develop
pedagogical techniques that reimagine HEL and customize the HEL course for
students’ needs. The model proposed in this study was designed to excite students’
interests and active participation in the classroom as well as to enhance their
competence as a/n (future) English teacher. HEL based on the model was taught
to 13 graduate students: The lectures on the internal history by the instructor,
students’ presentation of the external history, and two assignments are the integral
part of the course. The students’ background, perception on HEL, and feedback
on the course were collected from the questionnaire surveys conducted before and
after the course. The results of two surveys demonstrated students were interested
in HEL and considered the knowledge on HEL important. It was also shown that
they wanted to learn the external history most. The results of the feedback survey
showed students became more positive toward their presentation and more
interested in the internal history of the English language than before the course

Keywords: history of the English language (HEL), teaching HEL, course design,
students’ perception on HEL, students’ feedback on the HEL course