Park, Sujin. 2018. A Constructional Analysis of Old English Compounds. English
Language and Linguistics 24.3, 1-45. This study provides a constructional analysis
of Old English (OE) nominal (N) compounds (8,034 in total) based on the theoretical
framework of Construction Morphology (Booij 2010c). A constructional analysis
gives the solution to overcome the limitation of a traditional descriptive analysis,
which makes a dichotomous classification, ‘Endocentric’ and ‘Exocentric’. This
study mainly shows two things. First, OE N compounds are seen as constructions
with form and meaning, and hence the formal and semantic properties of both
regular and idiosyncratic N compounds can be simply and straightforwardly
specified by abstract schemas (templates). Second, with the notion of ‘Default
Inheritance’, this study demonstrates that both schemas for regular and
idiosyncratic N compounds inherit the default properties from the most abstract
schema for OE N compounds ([[X]k[N]i]Nj ↔ [SEMi with relation R to SEMk]j) at
the top of the hierarchy: a default override of idiosyncratic compounds is allowed.
As a result, a classification of OE N compounds can be made in a unified and
simple way with an inheritance tree.

Keywords: Old English nominal compounds, Construction Morphology, wordformation