Cho Eui-Yon. On the structure of English Left-Dislocation and Topicalization seen from the perspective of Generative Grammar. The Journal of English Grammar 4.2, 165-174. There are two different positions on the word order of English topicalization and left-dislocation. Birner and Ward (1998) assume that the topic phrase of topicalization is preposed and that of left-dislocation is not. On the other hand, Lambrecht (1994) proposes that the two syntactic constructions have a topic position independent of the following clause and have the same syntactic structure. Based on Lasnik and Saito (1992), this paper shows that the topic expression of left dislocation occupies a base-generated topic phrase dominating the CP while the topic expression of topicalization constructions is adjoined to IP, being moved from an argument position. This explains why the topic phrase of topicalization cannot occur on the left of the topic phrase of left dislocation as observed by Ziv (1994). (Dongguk University)