Yong, Chul-Won, 2000. The EPP-/φ-features and CP. The Journal of English Grammar, 4.2. 129-150. T bears both EPP and φ-features. These features should be satisfied for a structure to be convergent. This paper aims to propose a descriptive generalization that these two features can be satisfied independently. The analysis presented here shows that the EPP- and φ-features of T can be satisfied by a [-V] feature and a [+N,-V] feature, respectively. Following Chomsky's (1974) feature system, we assume that a noun has a [+N,-V] feature and that a preposition has a [-N,-V] feature. The EPP feature of T is strong and thus Spec T must be filled overtly. This EPP property involves [-V] feature checking. φ-feature in English is weak and involves [+N,-V] feature checking. We provide evidence that not only DP but also CP bears a [+N,-V] feature, which satisfies both the EPP- and φ-features. On the other hand, even though PP can satisfy the EPP feature with a [-V] feature, it cannot satisfy φ-feature due to lack of a [+N] feature. (Dongguk University)