Shin, Kil-Soon. 2000 A Study on Spelling in American English. The Journal of English Grammar. 4.1, 47-63. As Baugh indicates, a language always changes. When a language ceases to change, it is a dead language as Classical Latin. English in America also has begun to change, ever since 17th century when Englishmen began to move to the New World. It is natural that there are many differences between British and American English in meaning, spelling, pronunciation, and grammatical forms. But as Mencken shows, American English is also one of many English dialects. Comparing to British English, American Standard does not base on the language of a specific social class, there exist not many regional dialects, and there is an abundant of slang expression in American English. In this study a specific character of American English is observed, but this study is confined to the spelling. English in America differs little from English in Britain. Nevertheless we concern more to American English than British English, that is because the United States is not only in the leading position in the international politics, economics, science, and military affairs, but also we have a close relation with US. In that respect this study is attempted. (Kyungwon University)