Song, Jae-Soong. 2000. The Syntactic Configuration of Focusing Particles. The Journal of English Grammar, 4.1, 47-68. There are constructions which involve focusing particles such as only, even, which only give focus to preceding syntactic elements and can focus-mark only a subject NP when they are located at the sentence-initial position. In the previous literature including Jacobs (1983), Rooth (1985) and Bayer (1995), many analyses have been concerned with the fact that the syntactic domain of focusing particles do not correspond to their semantic domain, and tried to explain it. Kayne (1998) suggests that focusing particles are a focus-attractor. The particles merge with VP(or IP) and attract a focus-marked syntactic element. In Kayne's analysis, focused constituents are associated with (part of) the Spec of the attractor. This paper shows that Kayne's proposal can be applied to various other constructions treated in the previous literature, with some postulations added. (Dong-Kuk University)