Song, Mean-Young. 2000. Double Access Sentences and the Res Movement. The Journal of English Grammar 4.1, 23-45. This paper is devoted to presenting the semantic analysis of English present-under-past sentences, or double access sentences. Along the lines of Ogihara (1996), I am in favor of the approach in which the present tense under the matrix past tense in propositional attitude constructions receives a de re interpretation. However, I argue here that the temporal directionality isomorphism proposed by Ogihara (1996) which motivates the embedded present tense to move to the highest S-node is costly and inconsistent with the treatment of the future auxiliary in his other papers I propose in this paper that type mismatch triggers such a movement in the double access sentences, which is simpler than Ogihara's proposal. This may assist in allowing an improved understanding of why the embedded present tense is moved out to be interpreted de re. (Korea University)