Chung, Dae-Sung. 1999. A Study on the Relation between Universal Grammar and Second Language Acquisition-Based on the Binding Theory-. The Journal of English Grammar 3.2, 63-85. In this paper, I will examine that the marked binding parameter of universal grammar operates not only in first language acquisition but also in second language acquisition and prove this argument through a set of experiment. According to Principle and Parameter Theory (henceforth, PPT), the different values of the Governing Category Parameter (henceforth, GCP) are in a nested subset-superset relationship(the subset principle) and so by the parameter- resetting they must be included in the Universal Grammar (henceforth, UG). I investigated whether or not L2 learners have access to UG. The result showed that second language learning is constrained by UG and second language learners use UG in their language developmental stages. (Korea University)