Byun, Hak Hwan. 1999. Predicate Distinction and its Syntactic Effects. The Journal of English Grammar 3.2, 23-41. This paper examines the well-known stage-level vs individual-level predicate distinction and its syntactic and semantic effects in English. Milsark's (1974/77) generalization is first introduced that individual-level predicates may only be predicated of strong NP's. I then critically review Diesing's (1990/92) syntactic characterization of the predicate distinction, which aims at providing a principled account for Milsark's generalization. To overcome the problems with Diesing's account, the paper goes on to propose that the predicate distinction comes from the syntactic behavior of predicate-selecting functional categories. Advancing the proposal further that the functional head selecting an individual-level predicate raises to a higher Infl position to undergo temporal interpretation, I explore how far reaching consequences the proposal makes. (Shinhung University)