Yoo, Ki-Yun and Kim, Soo-Yeon. 2016. Different Strategies of EFL Learners in Anaphor Resolution: The Sensitivity to Pragmatic Factors with respect to the C-command Requirement. English Language and Linguistics 22.3, 273-290. This article investigates differences in interpretations of English reflexives between Korean EFL speakers and English native speakers in terms of the c-command constraint. We examine whether Korean EFL learners' selection of a non-c-commanding NP as an antecedent for an English reflexive is caused by L1 transfer or induced by different processing strategies between a mother tongue and a foreign language. The results show that, during the initial processing period, Korean EFL learners employ different strategies from English natives’ to resolve the interpretation of reflexives: EFL learners are reacting to pragmatic factors, while English native speakers are relying on syntactic factors at the initial stage of processing. This result supports the Shallow Structure Hypothesis of Clahsen and Felser(2006) in that during the first stage of parsing in a timed task, proficient EFL speakers interpret English reflexives according to the contextual information when biased sentences are given.


Key word: C-command, L1-transfer, Shallow Structure Hypothesis, Sensitivity to Pragmatic Factors